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Custom Orders are Our Specialty!


Looking for custom log furniture?  We are often asked if we can build this item, or if we can build that item! We are a CUSTOM builder, and I guarantee you that we can build ANYTHING your heart desires. We have never answered “NO”, and we have never met a challenge or new item that we couldn’t conquer. There are still quite a few items in my sketch pad, and churning around in my head, that we have not yet had the opportunity to build. I cannot wait to build these items, I am so excited to build them, if someone would only give us the opportunity. IF I had time, I would build them for free as a sample, or put them in my own home, just to see how amazing they would turn out. But, the fact of the matter is that we do not have the time to build something that a customer has not already ordered and paid for.





We live in Northwest Montana and have an abundance of natural resources available to us.  We use predominantly lodgepole and white pine from Forest Service land around our property. And since we have our own "mom and pop" shop and don't have to pay rent or a mortgage on a fancy shop and storefront, we manage to keep our furniture very affordable.  With a big project like yours, we know we can dramatically save you money.


You can choose your finishes, or even unfinished, you can choose your designs, sizes, features, styles, etc. You can make each piece as simple or extravagant as you can afford. It's wise to go with a single builder to be sure that his style and wood "matches" the rest of the work. You will not find anyone more willing to work with you from start to finish, patiently letting you make all the decisions and create the designs, making sure with the use of digital pictures and constant communication that you are getting exactly what you want at a price you can afford. We can send you pictures of each piece "in progress" to assure your satisfaction. It is exciting to watch the logs transform from mere raw trees into beautiful works of fine craftsmanship.


We have also secured one of the best shipping discounts in the business, with substantial discounts for multiple items. We get 60-70% off anywhere in North America. Ask about our fantastic shipping rates to Canada.


Our Research & Development Department Can Offer You Some of our Best Values for Custom Log Furniture!

Every item we build is paid for and there are more customers waiting in line to receive the items that they ordered weeks ago. So when could we ever find the time for “Research and Development”, when do we ever get the opportunity to expand our horizons, to stretch our wings? So how do we deal with it? Well, once a customer requests one of those rare items that we have yet to build, or even that no one has EVER built, I make them a ridiculously low offer.


I explain to them that we have never built that item before, but we would love the challenge and opportunity to build it. However, we have no idea how much to charge them, so we give them some comparable priced items from other craftsmen, and we sell our R&D product for close to half-price, just so we can learn how to build it, draw up the plans for it, take some pictures for our portfolio, and get a much better idea of how much that item will be worth in the future!

Some of those items include a Log Grandfather’s Clock, a Log Pool Table, a Log Foosball Table, a Log Card or Poker Table, a Log Hammock Stand, a Log Chaisse Lounge, Log TV Trays, a Treehouse Bunkbed, a Log Mirror Stand, a Large Log Entertainment Center, a Rustic Log Printer Stand, a Log Recliner, A Log Baby Play Pen, a Log Baby Swing, a Garden Log Bistro Set, Log Bar Table & Chairs Set, a Log Wine Rack, a Log Microwave Cart, a Log Bedroom Vanity, an Executive Slab Office Desk, and there are still many more items we have yet to build for the first time.


Have Questions? Finishing or Designs? Don't Hesitate to

Now, if you are in need of one of these items, or perhaps you have a unique idea of your own, there are some UNBELIEVABLE savings opportunities for you from Montana Custom Log Furniture.

Another avenue that we are committed to commissioning are the multitude of independent contractors, artisans, and craftsmen from our local area in Northwest Montana. There are many cabinet makers, chainsaw artists, carvers, metallurgists, artists with glass, upholsterers, welders, sculptors, painters, calligraphers, designers, sawyers, masons, carpenters, and plenty more who we employ from time to time to help your CUSTOM ideas come to life.


How about carving some bears into your log bed posts? How about a log end table with stained glass? How about a Log Easy Chair with big, soft, fluffy cushions? How about personalizing your child’s bunkbeds with their names monogrammed or burned into their headboards? Would you like a metal wildlife silhouette scene adorning your Log Hope Chest?


Montana has thousands of very talented artists who work very inexpensively, so put your thinking cap on and let your imagination run wild. Contact us so we can put together the log furniture ensemble that you have always dreamed about but could never find. Perhaps you thought you would NEVER be able to afford it. Give us the opportunity to make your dreams come true. I am confident that we can make you an offer too good to pass up!


Metal Bed Closeup


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It would be a pleasure to build your log beds, log end tables, nightstands, sofas, futons, coffee tables, even your dressers, armoires, entertainment centers, computer desks, baby furniture, mirrors, lamps, book shelves, plant stands, whatever furnishings you need.  You will not find furniture with this high quality in the expensive, stuffy showrooms. It is true, authentic Log Furniture made in Montana with Montana materials. We can furnish your cabin for you at a fraction of the cost of the retail or factory outlets because we don't have the factory and warehouses to support, we eliminate the middle man. We can provide the personal service that has been outdated thanks to the other eStores. Just contact me for a free proposal at Steve or phone toll-free at 1-800-916-4348.


Check back often as we are always updating and adding new pictures.  Just ask, we are always looking for new ideas.  You're only limitation is YOUR imagination.  If you can dream it, we can create it! You get EXACTLY what you want, at a price you can afford.  Let's make a deal, you won't be disappointed!


Call or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it us with your idea, plan, or creative wishes and we will work to bring your dream to life for your bedroom, living room, dining room, indoors, outdoors, and anywhere in-between.


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worth $150-500 off your purchase!


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