Top Ten Reasons to Buy Custom Log Furniture


#1. Your living room/bedroom looks exactly like your neighbor's....and it bothers you.

You're not your neighbor's clone, so why do you have all the same furniture? Having custom made furniture means creating something that's unique and not settling for the same stuff you see everywhere.

Custom Canopy Set

#2. You're not an "average consumer"….. you're a unique,individual one.

When an item is manufactured for the masses, the company's marketing department decides which features to include according to their profile of a "typical consumer", which isn't YOU! Alternatively, custom made items are made specifically for you. You can be the intuitive, demanding customer who chooses EXACTLY what you want.

#3. You believe that real, live, human beings can still make things worth buying.

Whether you have a table, a bed, or a desk custom made, you can develop a relationship with the artisan. The maker is not nameless and faceless; he or she is a real human being. We think that's important.


#4. You want to hand things down to future generations, not just hand over the credit card.

Buy custom and you're no longer passively buying a commodity; you're enlisting the service of a skilled craftsman to bring your ideas to life. Your finished piece will be an heirloom - how amazing will it feel to know you helped in its creation?


#5. You're tired of your armoire or entertainment center never really closing all the way.

Buy custom made furnishings and experience what a perfect fit looks and feels like. No more fighting with drawers that never close or wasting space in the nooks of your home.

Gun Cabinet

At Montana Custom Log Furniture we use our country's natural resources and benefit the environmental impact. We use the best quality logs (dead standing or blow downs) we can find from Forest Service property that would simply rot, be slash burned, or turn into fuel for destructive forest fires.

Log Pile

#6. You don't actually believe that furniture should be disposable.

Instead of filling attics and landfills with items you thought were "good enough" but that ended up being no good, it's far more practical and less wasteful to have something custom made for your purposes. You begin to realize that you get what you pay for! We offer the best value out there. You can find cheaper furniture, but it is exactly that…..CHEAPER!

#7. You think "local business" doesn't just mean the nearest big box store.

When you have something custom made, you have the opportunity to work with local artisans, supporting your community and helping to create a sustainable business environment for them in the process. You get to know the person that benefits and truly and appreciates your support. At Montana Custom Log Furniture you get to bring a piece of nature and the Old West into your home.

Kids at Falls

#8. You want more than just a piece of furniture, you want a conversation piece.

Custom made items have a story behind them and you'll want to remember and share that story time and time again. The next time someone asks "Where did you find that?" you'll never be at a loss for words. We can even include a picture history of your item "in progress" to show how your piece transforms from dead tree to beautiful furnishings.

#9. You want to commission tomorrow's antiques today.

Do you see the value in a piece that lasts for generations? So do we. Your sense of style and personal touch will go into a custom made dresser or dining table that will be valued for years to come.

#10. You're tired of buying new end tables every time you move.


No more flimsy construction, cheap materials or wasteful features you don't need. Buy custom made and you'll have furniture that can actually handle the wear and tear of daily living and the occasional moving van.



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